Samurai Lover

Samurai Lover

Alternative: サムライラバー
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Author(s): Shoco,
Genre: Comedy - Yaoi
Status: Ongoing

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Aza Kaneatsu, A samurai from Meiiji Era, who was being chased by a police. Nothing to hide...he jumped in the lake, but he cannot swim so end up drowning.
And he had a Time Slip.

That which leads him to somehow in the present (140 years later). Where he meets Higaira Ikkei - the beautiful tsundere.
Higaira Ikkei is next in line to take over the temple after his grandfather.

Aza's sudden arrival cause a commotion and then Ikkei's grandfather told that only true love can send Aza back to the past Era.
So now, Aza is persuading Ikkei to fall in love with him...

A story with many funny moments. Let's see how the fake love change to real one?